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Describe your DJ style: 

Versatile. I can be as Low Key to as Outgoing as you need me to be. The choice is yours.

Do you specialize in any ethnic and/or international events ? 

We have a nice variety of ethnic music including Italian, Spanish, Irish, Polish and more. For more religious events we also carry Christian and Jewish music. If another ethnicity is represented, we would be more than happy to accommodate you the best way possible.  

Will we be able to meet with our DJ ? 

For events that require extensive preparation such as a wedding, sweet 16 or corporate event, most definitely. We can make arrangements to meet with you. We want you to be totally comfortable with who you choose. Most other events can usually be done with a simple phone consultation. 

Can we come see you at an event ?

I have had many potential clients ask me “Can I come see you perform at a wedding reception?” Although I agree it`s a great way to see first hand a DJ’s talents, but let me ask. Would you want your DJ to ask you “Can I invite complete strangers to your wedding or private event so I can sell my business and ignore you?” Get the picture? When you hire me, you deserve to have all my attention and that`s what you`ll get. Another key thing to keep in mind is, you may come at a time where you hear songs you don`t like or see an activity or dance you don`t want, which may leave you with the wrong perception. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. That is why we believe we stand out by customizing a music and entertainment program around each individual client`s needs. Selecting a DJ that you have never seen perform can be a little unnerving. But, if you are happy with the answers they provided to your questions, and they get glowing comments from their references, you can feel a little more at ease that they are the right one for you. That is why provide you with some of the many written and video testimonies on our

If we have an unusual song requests, do you provide the song or do we have to provide it ? 

We ask that all specific song request be submitted at least two weeks before the wedding or special occasion which is usually more than enough time to even find the most rare request. If however it is an obscure song or a not so popular artist we would ask that you do provide it. 

What is your attire ? 

All our DJs are required to maintain a neat and clean appearance, no matter what type of event it may be. For formal events - Black dress pants, dress shirt , tie & vest. If the event requires a rental tuxedo or costume, an additional fee may apply. 

What type of equipment to you bring ?

We only use Professional Commercial Grade equipment. Brands such as JBL, QSC, Mackie, Behringer, Numark,American DJ among others. 

Do you offer any special effects or lighting ?

Yes - We have fog & haze effects which add tremendously to any lighting effect. We also can provide bubbles, lasers, strobes and additional dance light packages. We also have a cool water effect for ceiling or floor. Uplighting and "Your Names in Lights" Projection. 

What is the minimum amount of time you DJ ?

3 Hours for most events. Events such as charity, school or car shows we do as well which are sometimes less than 3. 

How much time do you usually need to setup ?

We typically arrive 90 minutes to 2 hrs before the start of an event to: unload and set up equipment, perform a sound check , coordinate with your banquet or event manager and go over any last minute details or changes you may have. Our Premium Programs or where extensive lighting or sound is required we usually require a minimum of 3 hours prior to event. It is imperative that we be able to have access to event space with enough time to perform tasks so that you have a on time and successful event. 

Do you require that the site provide a table for you to setup on ?

We do require that the site or yourself provide us with at least one table 6 feet long and another one at least 4 ft. with table cloth and skirt. For our Gold, Diamond & Some Customized events we bring our own tables with special table skirts for effect. 

Do you have any extra space requirements ?

Only if you desire extra lighting, effects, or need a larger sound system which is recommended if your having over 185 guests. 

What is the Average Cost of a DJ in PA ?

When considering how much your DJ will cost, if you are looking just at how many hours your event is, the cost may seem alot. You must also consider many other factors that go into what a professional charges: 1) Years of experience, talent and reputation 2) Consultations and preparations. Weddings, Sweet 16s and bar/Bat Mitzvahs are priced higher due to extra prep time and formalities 3) Pro sound & lighting equipment for a basic set up on average can cost $4000. That doesnt include a legal music library and the ongoing cost of music and maintenance 4) Time to load in, set up equipment and do proper sound checks and light placement Time to break down and load out. 5) Liability Insurance - Any reputable DJ will carry it and more facilities are requiring it. 6) Cost to do business - Advertising, Sales, Office expenses etc. 

Are you insured ?

Yes. As a Full Time business, we carry a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy. And we are happy to announce we have been 100% accident free year after year. 

How early should we book ?

Some of the most popular dates (for weddings May to October, especially Saturdays) can and do book as early as one year in advance. Our suggestion is to be prepared to sign a contract as early as 6 to 10 months before. Some dates remain open until the month before. So if you're planning an event for next month, it's worth it to check our availability. If you're just starting your planning, try to make your final decision as soon as possible to ensure our availability. We recommend this when choosing any choice professionals you have in mind. 

Do you provide a contract ?

Yes. We want to earn your trust. This insures you get the professional service you deserve and what you pay for. Is a retainer required ? We work on a first come first serve basis. A 50% Non Refundable Retainer is required within 10 days of contract date. When we receive your retainer, you can consider your date secured. Unlike many other companies, your balance is not due till our job is complete at the end of your event. 

Why must I give a Non Refundable retainer ?

Our time is just as valuable. If for some reason you cancel the event, that date could of been to better serve another client. Of course if there are extreme circumstances such as a death in the family we would not expect to hold your retainer. We are human too. 

What if we want the DJ to stay longer than contracted for ? What is your overtime rate ?

Overtime rate is dependent on your event, choice of entertainer and will be in the terms of your contract. Johnnee Johnson`s rate is typically a bit higher than the associate professionals due to demand. 

Are there any travel charges ? 

It would be best to let us know where your event will be to determine if any and usually small travel charges apply. rates quoted on this site are for events within a 60 mile radius of our DJ location.

Do I have to feed the DJ or other professional ?-

We understand that some are on a limited budget but keep in mind, your professionals work a minimum of 8 hours and don`t always have time for a fresh lunch or dinner. We don`t expect a full course meal (we don`t have time for that) but a smaller meal / sandwich would be just fine. 

Do I Have To Tip My DJ or other Professional ? 

Like any other service provider. If you feel we met or even exceeded your expectations, a tip is much appreciated & encouraging but never expected.